A Thoughtfully Designed Satellite Network:

Though we designed our VSAT solution and network ourselves, we also consulted with the best to assist us in making crucial hardware decisions that will Insure our customers the best remote satellite internet and telephone experience.

The teams responsible for helping us choose the components in our VSAT terminal and at our teleport in Utah, have deployed over 50,000 satellite remotes worldwide. They are trusted by companies such as NASCAR, Major League Baseball, The Golf Channel, World Wrestling Entertainment, ESPN, The United States Military, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems, and many more. They have built out Internet Backbones for entire countries, space missile defense systems and some of the largest Satellite networks in the world.

We at Stellar Communications believe that investing in talented people is the most important culture to embrace. Our Stellar Communications team is consisted of talented people that have many years’ experience deploying and servicing VSAT systems for the oil and gas industry, we only hire the best!

Leading Edge Technology:

Stellar Communications network is deployed on the industry leading Idirect Evolution platform. Taking advantage of DVB-S2 technology, our network is 30% more efficient than competing platforms which means more bandwidth for you. Furthermore, our network dynamically adjusts for both clear and poor weather conditions alike, automatically adjusting the satellite signals to be more robust in poor weather conditions and higher throughput in clear sky conditions. 99.0% of the time, our network is operating over 50% faster than designed capacity, and in that 1% of the time when severe weather may affect our network, our platform dynamically increases the robustness of the signal to keep our network up, albeit at a reduced speed while we compensate for weather.

What does this mean for you?
Higher internet speeds, dependable, clear voice and very minimal outages.

Strategically Chosen Teleport:

We chose our teleport location carefully. Our teleport is in a high and dry climate that minimizes subjectiveness to rain-fade and other weather related outages. Furthermore, being at the hot-spot of the satellite footprint maximizes both receive and transmit signal strength available to the remotes. Finally, all of our  teleport equipment is new, state of the art equipment. From the redundant UPS and Generator systems to the Antennas, Amplifiers and hub systems, no good satellite engineer could argue with our equipment choices. We collocate in the same teleport with companies such as Boeing, NASA, and Bendix/King just to name a few. Choosing a superior teleport was crucial in order to provide our customers the absolute best communications solutions.

Top Quality Remote Equipment:

We use a more precise antenna package, higher grade and superior performing electronics, and only the best coaxial cable. Since a VSAT network is only as good as it’s weakest link, we have chosen the best equipment to assist in bringing our customers the most flexible and user friendly system on the market today. The end result is our network runs cleaner and our customers receive better and more consistent throughput.

Crystal Clear Voice:

We terminate our voice into a 20 million dollar hosted and managed switch optimized for Satellite Latency. Cloud computing is all the rage in today’s IT world. We are utilizing a cloud based voice solution that has been fine tuned for satellite latency. Using the robust SIP protocol terminated with a mid-range ATA, we have found this to be the best result far outperforming many of the much more expensive alternatives. We offer unlimited long distance, direct inbound dialing, call forwarding, conference calling, and a full featured PBX. Try it and you will hear the difference. Like every component in our remotes, we developed the voice solution like the terminal as a whole; it is based purely on performance.

Undersubscribed Network:

Typically, our network is operating below 50% capacity. What this means to you is that you can depend on getting the throughput that you were sold.

Higher Bandwidths:

Due to our superior network design, our standard package is 50% faster than our competitors while we are still able to offer even higher speeds on request.

Our standard package will include throughputs at 512kB/s downstream and 384kB/s upstream.

Flexibility and Customization:

Need a solution that is “out of the box”? We can accommodate your customized communications needs.

Have your IT team contact us with your specific needs and we can accommodate any request you have for communications solutions.





Stellar Contacts

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